Sunday, June 3, 2012

Super Smash Bros. The Next Generation - Day 30

Green, Red, and All The Other Colors!

  This is probably going to be a quick one because I also want to post a thought piece on the WiiU announcements today.

The Veteran - Luigi

   Once a simple clone, Luigi spun off and became very much his own character in Melee. While he still has some comparable special moves, anybody who plays the game seriously knows that he and Mario couldn't be more different. When Mario got the F.L.U.D.D. in Brawl, it was suggested that perhaps Luigi get an attack that utilized the ghost-gobbling vacuum from E. Gadd. I wasn't the biggest fan of the idea, but the idea certainly warrants discussion. One other mechanically differentiating special attack could involve turning his fireballs into the iceballs from more recent Mario titles. Contact with them could provide a momentary frozen status, useful mostly only for cancelling out opponent's attacks. It might be a tad overpowered, but it's one way for the green plumber to differentiate himself without straying too far from his core.

   Final Smash? Summon in a bunch of Boo's to terrorize his foes (while he cowers in the background, completely invincible). Then maybe he triggers E. Gadd's vacuum to clear them out. If you think about it, that makes him the hero in this scenario, doesn't it? It's so nice of him to help out his opponents like that.

   Sorry if this is a spoiler, but there's no denying that The Mysterious Mr. L is where it's at for a costume swap:

The Newcomer - Captain Rainbow

  I've never been sure why this game didn't come over. I haven't looked into it too much to see if there's any localization concerns, but overall it seemed neat enough. Captain Rainbow, the titular hero of his own game, is all about a crazy adventure to save his own TV show ratings while encountering obscure Nintendo characters. It's almost entirely necessary, one would think, to put him in a game about Nintendo characters. I don't know what all he can do, or what his special powers are, I'm coming at this from a strictly conceptual angle. I know what he's about and I know that he's an original property. Those two things alone make him an absolute necessity. Along the way, Nintendo's Treehouse could get working on a localization so we're not completely blindsided by this bright battler.

The Stage - Virtual Boy

  The Virtual Boy is easily understood as a commercial failure, but with the 3DS kicking around, I think it's important to honor and recognize the earlier days of Nintendo's 3D development. The most likely idea for a stage here is Mario Clash's Clash Tower, but I think that stage being a starting point for a larger appreciation of the Virtual Boy is important. The beloved series Mario Tennis got it's start here, and Galactic Pinball was damned fun. Burned out retinas be damned, I enjoyed this crazy contraption.

  Honestly, I'm surprised we haven't seen these hit the Virtual Console yet. Perhaps a colored remake? The fact is Mario Clash was a fun game to play, and the lack of continuation of that series is a real bummer.

  What could be cool is if this was the start of a two-layered Smash Stage. A short, compact stage broken into two layers that requires taking the pipes to travel between. There's some potential for trolling and chasing, yes, but overall it'd be a neat idea. Perhaps there could just be a mechanic for hopping between the layers by hitting up and jump.

The Music of the Virtual Boy

Mario Clash - Various.

  Unsurprisingly, it's difficult to find direct OST rips of the Virtual Boy soundtracks, so here's just some footage of the game that gives you an idea of what the soundtrack is.

Red Alarm - Stage 1

  Oh, man. It's been years since I've heard this. This music is impressive given the limited tech at the time, and a good arrangement could just make this into a powerfully awesome piece.

Mario Tennis - Doubles

  This just sounds like an fun time is happening. I especially like that dramatic build up. Kind of reminds me of a Kirby tune.

Wario Land - Level Theme 2

  The one Wario Land that has eluded me to this day, I was actually unfamiliar with this song until just now. I like it! I think it would uhm... It uh... I'm sorry, right there to the left. Did they roll Jaws, Jason, and Leatherface into one horrific creature? That is a thousand times, "nope."

Teleroboxer - Prim

  Hells yeah, Teleroboxer. Robots getting their fight on; what's not to love?

  Man. My eyes hurt just thinking about all of this Virtual Boy stuff, so I think we're going to call that for the night. If you have anything to say, drop it below, I love reading that stuff.

-Make it a nice day!

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