Monday, May 14, 2012

Super Smash Bros. The Next Generation - Day 13

A Bird's Life in the Kingdom: Starring You!

The timer is ticking on this one, as the gates of Diablo await... But for now, we Smash!

Veterans of a Feather - Falco Lombardi

The bird with a bad attitude from the StarFox series, Falco's always been a contentious member of the team. The cocky 'do-everything-myself' loner that you either love or you hate, nobody can deny that he gets things done. Shown here in his StarFox Assault attire, holding what I think would have made an interesting (and way less broken) Final Smash, Falco really received an update in Brawl. Despite the knee-jerk reaction to call him a clone, he actually fights very little like Fox, outside of having the same basis of Special Moves. That's where I think our pilot could stand to have his feathers ruffled; he needs to mix up his arsenal. I say we bust out some more firearms for him in the next game, with his Assault duds mixing up his costume with his standard leather jacket.

Fun fact I learned today about the cast of StarFox: did you know that they amputate their legs and replace them with cybernetic replications so that they don't lose the blood from their brain when hitting intense G-Forces? It's perhaps just a rumor, but here's some info on it.

The Newcomer - Mii

  I can see why Nintendo wouldn't want to have Mii's as playable characters for a number of reasons. You have trademark issues where Zoidberg and Peter Griffin start showing up as combatants, you have to worry about penis-faces for online matches, and something about not wanting to have scenes of people beating up the cutesy avatars of their loved ones. Makes sense, and it's really a huge block against this actually happen, but I'm going to be really hopeful for a moment, so please indulge me.

  I envision a game where the Mii's are combatants armed with just one thing... A Wii Remote. This Wii Remote becomes a weapon, however, transforming into Omni-Tool style replications of the items you're supposed to pretend you're wielding when you brandish one. Suddenly, the remote is an bow for firing ranged arrows, a laser gun with just a press of the B button. Perhaps it's a shield for defending one's self, or a sword for dicing. You could even pretend to roll a bowling ball across the ground like a Koopa shell, or turning into a grappling hook to save you from falling off the ledge. The possibilities are quite literally endless, and I think it's a unique little spin on an otherwise limited character.

  The Final Smash is called the "Mii Parade!" It's just what it sounds like; a ton of Mii's break free from their plaza to stampede the screen and trampling your enemies underfoot. In lieu of alternate colors and costumes, what with the Mii's having their own colors from being imported, I recommend Hats, as featured in the Mii Plaza on 3DS. 

And hey, while searching the internets, I found a flash Mii creator. So. Here you go!

New Super Mario Bros.

   Filling the roll of the 'standard' looking Mario stage, you could grab the openning level to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Peach's castle in the background, a big rotating hill in the middle, and some breakable blocks. Simple and effective. There's also the log ride in the poison lake, featured above, that was one of the game's more interesting treks. And as a Smash level, it could be provide to be a simple, yet perilous scrolling stage. The players stand on what boils down to be a Final Destination sized log, rafting down a Brinstar Depths acid pit. Various traps and blocks will occaisionaly swing by and make hazards for the players, keeping the stage from being more than a log in the mud.

Songs for a New Super Mario Bros Wii. stage.

New Super Mario Bros. - Athletic

  The sort of obvious track, right?

Super Mario 64 - Credit Roll

  I'm not sure why, but I've always just absolutely adored this theme.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Battle
  Alright, we need a song you can actually throw-down to, and I think this is a pretty good one that doesn't forsake the style of the style of the level.

Super Paper Mario - Lineland Road

  A lot of people didn't care for Super Paper Mario, and I can see why. It wasn't the strongest entry, but I thought it was an neat-o experiment in gameplay, and I admire trying something new rather than just remaking the same ol' game all the time. Regardless, there's no doubt that this game starts off strong, and Lineland Road accentuates that fact.

Mario Kart Wii - Toad's Factory
  Not going to lie: I just really like this tune. 

Super Mario Land - Muda Land

  This song is so damned cheery! Keeping in line with slightly less obvious Mario songs, I think throwing this one into a stage for New Super Mario Bros. is the right decision in every way.

  Alright! That's another done. We're moving through these pretty well. I could stand to have some more comments, though. I love bouncing ideas off of people. So if you're reading this, go ahead and drop me a line, I'd love to hear it. : )

-Make it a good one.

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