Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super Smash Bros. The Next Generation - Day 23

Flying Through Space! Bound to Earth!

  More speculative thought and wishful thinking ahead.

Captain Olimar

  The unlikely Olimar was a surprise, and welcome addition to the Brawl roster. Although he did highlight the problem with Nintendo's lack of new IP's in recent history. The fact that Pikmin was Nintendo's most recent IP, and as of Brawl's release was already 7 years old, was a disheartening scratch at the back of my mind. Sure, Lucario was a newer character, but we just need new IP's. Hopefully through some of these articles you've seen my attempts to pull at newer content, even if it doesn't all necessary earn a place at the front of the roster.

  Olimar is somewhat underwhelming in my opinion. For the most part he does exactly what I expected, but nothing more. I found managing my Pikmin to try and maximize their effectiveness in combat to be difficult, which lead to my attacks being more of a random chance than I wanted. His Special attacks were particularly underwhelming, I thought. I think next time, the Pikmin need to be better about returning to Olimar on their own rather than having to recollect them with the Whistle, freeing up a special slot for something else like a Pikmin Scramble attack where you sick all 5 of them on an opponent at once.

  His alternate costume should be his brother Louie, and the End of Day should remain his final smash.. although it always felt kind of overpowered the way the camera loses focus on the stage. Perhaps pulling back in a better angle would alleviate that?

Saki Amamiya

  I was originally planning on Isa Jo from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, but I just like Saki's design so much more. So Isa can be an Assist Trophy that does what Saki did in Brawl, and Saki can become a fully playable character.

  Saki's roll in Smash Bros. would be a great mixture of close range laser sword slashes and long range beam shots. His Up+B could be a booster-propelled vertical slice, while his Forward+B could be a charging series of rapid strikes. Holding B would charge up a small shot that could be held for as long as B is, and fired when released, allowing Saki to still move around the platform he's on (or jump if you're really handy).

  His Final Smash might entail turning him into a quick round of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, where he moves to the foreground and can hover around while shooting energy bullets into the background. This special might focus on racking up large damage, allowing Saki to finish off opponents when he comes back rather than just blowing them up at once. And if you didn't like the Isa Jo assist trophy, perhaps Saki's son could be the Costume Swap.

The Stage - Dalaam

  A floating island over Eagleland sounds just right for a Smash Bros. stage in my mind, but what do you think? Do you have any favored Earthbound stages that you'd like to see show up? Personally, I'd love to see Fourside return from Melee, but that's just one of my personal favorite stages.

The Music of Dalaam

Earthbound - The Floating City of Dalaam

  Earthbound has an incredibly varied soundtrack, yet it always seems to be the same few songs you hear. I say we mix it up just a bit with this theme.

Earthbound - Hippie Battle

  As I understand it, a large problem we'll have with Earthbound music is the potential law suit for using it because it sounds like other music. I get the initial fear, but I don't think that's the case for Hippie Battle. AAt least, not enough of a case. Regardless, I think it's a sweet ditty.

OC Remix (Earthbound) - Dreaming on Distant Shores

  Just a gorgeous piece of electronica here. Don't mind me.

OC Remix (Earthbound) - Bus!

  High-energy guitars come together to form an awesome track, fit for a Smash.

OC Remix (Earthbound) - Twoson Hits the Road!

  DJ Pretzel said when he created this that it was based on the sorts of music he would hear when travelling cross country with his parents. Imagine this song playing while crossing the Rocky Mountains or across America's Heartland during the summer with it's vibrant fields. You can feel the emotion that went into this remix, which is exactly what Earthbound music specifically deserves.

  What sayeth the Internet? Do we have other Earthbound tracks or stages we would like to see? Please, use this as an open forum to let your heart speaketh true and your heart soar like an Eagle upon yonder skies!

-Make it a nice day.

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