Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super Smash Bros. The Next Generation - Day 19

Cartoons! Foreign Blades! A New City lies ahead!

  The more I see of it, the more I want to buy a device to hook up SD cards to my computer solely for the purpose of checking out "Project M." (Now with Skyward Sword! It's actually a neat level idea that isn't terribly different than my own.)

Should Have Been Called Kid Link - Toon Link

  If I had to give myself a main, a favorite, a go-to-guy, it would be Toon Link. He was designed to represent The Legend of Zelda's more colorful line of games, starting with Wind Waker and moving to the handheld with Minish Cap through Spirit Tracks.  who was represented in Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. Toon Link was more floaty, and his fighting style differentiated in a few key ways to his adult counterpart, but in the end, they were mostly the same. Aside from my idea of transforming adult Link into a wolf and partnering him with Midna, I think changing up Toon Link to better reflect his own branch of the series is the best way to differentiate the two.

  For starters, Toon Link has a wholly different series of weapons in his games that he could draw from. Sure, his adult counter part has come into contact with some of these, namely the snake whip from Spirit Tracks, but his brighter self had it first. Plus there's that gusty leaf thing. Okay so yes, some of these have some cross over with regular ol' Link, but the fact is there are tools that could be use to differentiate him. Or, we could just keep him the main Link and change make that Wolf Link change up. There's an interesting debate here, and I'd love to know what others think.

  On a side note, I think we can agree that Toon Link needs a better Final Smash than the Triforce Slash. Calling in and directing Phantom Zelda or adorning the Fierce Diety mask from Majora's Mask would be better alternatives, I should think. Especially since his costume swap should be the more realistic Kid Link from said Majora's Mask.

The Unfortunately Named Newcomer - Shulk

  This goes back into that weird second party category. Nintendo was the sole producer of Xenoblade Chronicles, but Monolith Studios made it. That said, Monolith has had a great working relationship with Nintendo, even being one of the main side-studios helping to make Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In my opinion, the studio has a good chance at having a representative in the newest Smash, and this guy right here is a good contender.

  He fights similar to a rogue in World of Warcraft. All of his best moves are performed from behind or from the side while larger characters like Reyn are distracting monsters. With that in mind, this sword fighter could be a more lightweight rogue like character. Not quite the finesseful Marth, but not quite the basic Link either. It would be interesting, albeit potentially broken/worthless to have him do more power attacking enemies from behind. Perhaps a sort of teleport-slash that gives him something reminiscent of that ability without actually breaking him.

  His Final Smash would likely be one of his 'limit break' type moves. You've played the game, you've already thought of some great ideas. For an alternate costume, I'm going to suggest his cohort Reyn's outfit, but I will neither confirm nor deny that I have ulterior motives behind such an outfit. Either that or an end-game tier of armor from Xenoblade.

Neo Bowser City

  It's odd to me that Bowser has yet to receive a stage all to his own. Mario seems to get all of the stage designs; I mean, even Luigi got a stage before Bowser. With that in mind, I sought out to give the big bad his own place to call home. Now it took some thinking. The standard gray castle with flowing lava is indeed evocative of the Demon King, Koopa, but perhaps that's a little 'to easy.' We could just as easily have a Zebes style stage of floating magma and gray bricks with Dry Bones running about and be done. But I thought it would be interesting if we could also include the most recent Mario Kart 7 into the mix, thus bringing me to New Bowser City. Wait, wait, that was the wrong link. Try this one.

  So rather than giving Bowser his own castle, we give him his own city. In some distopian future world where it's always raining, and where our fire-breathing foe is the lord of some serious tech. It's an interesting mix, and with a little artistic representation, I think it could really be a more ominous stage featuring Clown Copters shooting wind streams up (pictured above) and random slicks of oil spilling and causing pratfall effects that everybody hated so much in Brawl.

The Tracks of Neo-Bowser City

DDR: Mario Mix - Bowser's Castle

  So I'll admit, I'm sort of cheating here. The actual theme to New-Bowser City is kind of really lame. So instead, I went with the amazing Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix rendition of his Mario Kart: Double Dash "Bowser's Castle" track. I find it much more suiting.

Super Mario World - King Bowser's Theme

  A high-energy track just begging for a good cover.

Yoshi's Island - Bowser Jr. Battle

  I love how ominous the tune starts out, and then kicks into some thrashing synth-rock. Just like his Super Mairo World theme, there is some great potential for a good cover here.

Super Mario RPG - Bowser Battle

  Alright, so we have yet another Bowser battle theme, but they're just so good. This one is a remix of the Super Mario Bros. 3 battle that was brought to us in Super Mario RPG, a game which I and many like me are quite partial to.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Final Battle

  I would almost prefer this song be saved for some battle with Bowser on Final Destination, because it's just so amazing. It's almost too amazing for a regular stage like Neo-Bowser City.

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door - Rawk Hawk's theme

  While keeping in the theme of Mario games, but taking a small diversion, I thought Rawk Hawk (a personal favorite character) had a great battle theme. It lends itself well to a stage where Bowser reigns. By putting this here I pretty much acknowledge the fate that my favorite character in Paper Mario will not be joining me in a new Smash Bros.

  What characters have you come to terms with not being in a new Smash? Fill out the comments section below with your shining words!

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