Sunday, May 20, 2012

Super Smash Bros. The Next Generation - Day 16

Of Mice and Wolves! Knocking on Death's Door!

  I deeply apologize for the interruption, even if nobody but me noticed it. I've been stressed to the bone lately with work. That's not an excuse, just an explanation with a hope that you won't mind. This may be a silly pet project that I owe to nobody, but I still take it seriously. Thank you. Here's an amazing Kirby tribute I found to make up for it.

Veteran'd - Wolf

    I was a huge fan of Falco in Melee, and Wolf was equally welcome in Brawl. I love that he's a powerful character without being heavier than a sack of steel bricks. I feel like his specials were a tad derivative of Fox's without being as awesome. I appreciate the gritty, low-tech style of his equipment, but overall I think he's due for a few new moves in whatever we get for a new Smash.
  Alternate costumes, I'm thinking something more battle damaged, reminiscent of how he looked at the end of StarFox 64.

Newcomer'd - Daroach

  I might be shooting a tad obscure with this one, but Daroach is the leader of the titular villains in Kirby's Squeek Squad. He's yet another not-always-bad guy, starting off as a thief of Kirby's believed cake and treasures. What he could bring to the Smash Bros. table is an array of roguish magic-tricks. Borrowing a little from Kirby's Ninja and Magic Hat powers, and combined with the few moves he displayed in the game, there's a lot of potential here to craft a unique character in the Smash roster. And a Final Smash summoning The Squeak Squad sounds delightfully dangerous.
   His alternate costume could feature him dressed up like another Kirby villain, or even decked out in his own Epic Yarn attire. What would be really neat is if he had a Poppy Bros Jr. style bomb-throw, and he his alternate costume was Mouser from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA for our overseas friends).

Staged - Kid Icarus: Uprising

  Sakurai basically created a new franchise in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Sure it's got some modern representations of those old sprite critters, but it's otherwise unrecognizable. It plays like Sin and Punishment, it looks like Smash Bros. Brawl, and sounds amazing. But we'll get to that last part. My idea for a stage takes place in the level with the Reaper's Castle as seen in "The Reaper's Line of Sight" It was one of the major shots shown off in trailers, and it makes an impact visually. If this entire stage was re-enacted, with a floating platform set-up instead of Pit actually flying, you'd have an amazing view while combating. Throw in laser beams and/or monster stage hazards, and you've got a fast-paced, frantic stage... perfect for Smash. And at the end of Palutena's 5 minutes of flight, the stage lands atop the castle to finish out any time it still has.

Music'd - Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising - The Reaper's Line of Sight
  Dat opening... A fast-action, perilous, thunderous rendition of the Underworld theme, it's a great setting to the stage.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Opening
  It's so puppy-frolicking cheery, followed by a sweet guitar solo. I don't. This song is too good. My ears are unworthy! Sakurai really outdid himself with this game's soundtrack.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Magnus and the Dark Lord

  This is actually my favorite track in the game. It has this stormy weather vibe to it, combined with a 70's Anime sound, wrapped up in a delicious fully-orchestrated caramel that goes straight to the thighs of my brain. My brain thighs.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit
  One of the more interesting levels, Pandora's Labyrinth was the moment I realized just how amazing this game was going to be. I wasn't on some sort of "this first level is awesome!" Mirror's Edge kick, this was the real deal. The soundtrack is... I'm just going to say reflective of the nature of this stage and leave it at that!

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Dark Pit's Theme
  God yes, that Spanish guitar fills me with feelings. Dancing feelings that I want to shake, shake, shake out of my system. Dark Pit's kind of destined to be one of those uncommonly favored characters like Wolf, I think. Combined with the fact that this track was just amazing, I figured I'd leave it here.

  I'm going to stop there. Not because I think it's a good point, but because I'd otherwise be just posting the whole soundtrack. Kid Icarus: Uprising may or may not be the most fun to play, but my God is that game just an absolute delight in every way, shape, and form. The story, the banter, the music, the visuals.. Sakurai is one of my favorite development leads for a reason.

  What do you think, kids? Drop me a comment; I love to chat.

-Make it a good one.

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