Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super Smash Bros. The Next Generation - Day 21

Blazing Fast! It's Always Darkest Before Dawn!

  I don't know about you, but I still love my stupid, Anime-themed titles.

The Super Veteran - Sonic

  Captain Falcon finally got overshadowed with The Fastest Hedgehog Alive showed up. Probably for the best, that guy really needed to be brought down a peg. You blow up a galactic arm ONE TIME and suddenly you think you're the world's mightiest champion. Anyhow, Sonic was the sort of "needed to happen" guest star once it was revealed that Solid Snake had broken the 3rd party barrier. And since Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games had already happened, it was pretty much a given thing that it was going to. And then it did! And he was pretty alright. They did his stage well, great music selection, and he wasn't half bad. He wasn't half great either, though. Really, for me, what it came down to was his signature moves. I loved his fighting style, and I loved his Up+B spring-jump. But the homing attack felt off, and the Jigglypuff style rolling dash felt weak.. and it was two moves? But not really? I dunno, just wasn't a fan. However, one Wii/DS exclusive title could change that: Sonic Colors.

  Suddenly you have a whole arsenal of wicked special moves to pull out. A short-range laser dash, a crazy drilling move, turning into a rolling spike trap, and just all sorts of neon-colored powers to make him a bit more versatile and impressive on the field. And for an alternate costume, we have options. I know Shadow's popular but.. well I don't much care for him, and he's just a palette swap. no, I think the right idea is to go with Metal Sonic or Classic Sonic. Give him a bit of paunch, or robotisize him. Gives a bit more of a nostalgia spread, I think.

The Newcomer - Dark Samus

  The knee-jerk reaction to Dark Samus is to make a Samus clone, and in some areas, that probably wouldn't be inaccurate to do. She could even have a (kind of creepy) Zero Suit Samus form. But I think there's a lot more that you could do. Sure we might have to make a few things up, but Dark Samus hardly acts like her (it's?) counterpart in any conventional ways. Sure they both have an arm cannon, but that's just for shooting. Samus isn't the only person who gets a charged-up power blast, anyhow. If anything I see Dark Samus being more of a Mewtwo clone, at least animation wise. It would always be hovering around the stage, rarely actually touching down, and it would be a much more floaty counterpart to our favorite bounty huntress. And fire on the Grapple Beam, our menacing duplicate would extend it's ethereal Phazon tentacles for grappling and recovery.

  An alternate costume is kind of hard, since Dark Samus is kind of already an alternate costume. The only thing I can think to do is an SA-X costume that consists of us putting Dark Samus' moves and animations over regular Samus' model. Which I think is kind of neat, but aside from the scary all-white eyes, wouldn't be terribly differentiating. Maybe keep the mask visor that more Y-shaped to help tell them apart? Oh, and the Final Smash is an easy one. In fact, there's a lot of options. Basically we can go full Metroid Prime (the titular monster) and become a rampaging tank or an energy-draining tentacle monster. Alternatively, we can go the Corruption route and summon a giant Aurora Unit to wreak havoc.

Stage - Passaj

  Golden Sun is, unfortunately, another one of my weak areas, so I don't terribly know much about the series. Please feel free to illuminate me on some great stage ideas, but just looking around, this place really caught my eye. I love the mountainous location, the old architecture, and the breathtaking background. That allow is reason enough for me to want Passaj made into a stage, but it's mountainous structure with numerous peaks makes it a pretty Smash styled local with places to fall off each side.

  Don't get me wrong, I know enough about the series to know that Mt. Aleph is the most important local, but I can't really see much of a stage there. It's just kind of a mountain peak. Unless there's something about it I don't know from way later in the games, I'm just going to have to write that one off.

The Music of Passaj

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Theme of Golden Sun

  I'm not going to pretend like I know these songs or have any real significant meaning behind them. I just think they sound neat.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Boss Battle

  Those folks at Camelot sure know how to make a wicked soundtrack.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Saturos Theme

  It occurs to me that the kind folks of YouTube who put up these videos might not have the right themes, so if I listed something incorrectly, I apologize and please let me know so I can fix it.

Golden Sun - Colosso Battle Theme

  I don't know what a Colosso is; I just wanted to make sure I wasn't leaving out awesome music from the original game.

Golden Sun - Isaac Battle Theme

  So that's pretty much one of the best RPG themes ever.

Golden Sun: The Dark Ages - The Golden Sun Rises

  This song just sounded... important, so I went with it.

  So that's it for today. Be prepared for this weekend - I'm going to be catching up on a -lot- of articles. By my math I'm roughly 7 or 8 behind, so I"m going to be posting over-time. Yay content! Let me know if I hit anything with this Golden Sun stuff, or if I missed anything dramatically obvious. One of these days I might have the time to catch up on the series.

-Make it a nice day.

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