Friday, May 4, 2012

Super Smash Bros.: TNG - Day 3

Robotic Overlords and The Boxer: The Knitty Gritty

Another late night batch of Smash Bros. wishful thinking.

The Veteran - R.O.B.
  I think nobody liked R.O.B. because he was the last reveal, and he wasn't the one character everybody still had in their hearts, whomever that may be. I don't think that's fair to R.O.B. I like robots, and Smash. Bros. had a disparaging lack thereof, and our Operating Buddy filled that gap well. Plus, I just like the way he played. He could stand to have a few better specials, but overall he was neat. Here's too hoping you're better received this time around, pal. And if you could come with a neat little costume that made you look like Chibi Robo, who probably isn't going to get their own character otherwise, well that'd be neat.

Potential Newcomer - Little Mac

  One of the big arguments I heard last time around against Little Mac is "What the hell does he do in Punch-Out that we can replicate?" Well.. Really, nothing. But if I may... What did Fox and Captain Falco do in their games that made them so easily adaptable? The answer is: not much. Sakurai made most of that up, and there's no reason he couldn't do it again. A quick-moving, relatively diminutive, fast-jabbing pugilist is exactly what's in order for him. Throw in some moves reminiscent of Knuckle Joe, or elemental punches that he 'learned' from Hitmonchan, and suddenly you have some game-bending hybrids that make him all the more unique. For his Final Smash, we could always have him Hulk out like in the Multi-Player mode of the Wii game. And for an alternate costume... well, how about a Knuckle Joe or Hitmonchan costume? Just throwing it out there.
  Also, we deserve a Punch-Out! song in this game. The fact that it has not yet been (fully) included is a reeeeal shame.

Setting the Stage - Fountain Gardens

  Kirby's Epic Yarn needs a stage. There's no two ways around it. I really don't care what we do for it, I just picked this stage because it's bright, cheery, and chock full of yarny goodness. As far as I'm concerned, all of Smash Bros: TNG could be Epic Yarn-ified and i would be most content. Potential stage hazards include crinkling stages pulling platforms together or apart, and zippers that reveal new platforms.

Music Selection for Fountain Gardens

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Fountain Gardens
  I don't care, I want it. I don't care where it is, I want it. Now. Inside my head. Forever.

Kirby's Mass Attack - Meadow Breeze
  It may be weird to think about this, but there have been 3 Kirby games since the last Smash Bros. There's a lot of good music to draw from, so I'm trying to skim over it just to cover bases here.

Kirby's Return To Dreamland - Cookie Country
  Nice and up-tempo, a great companion piece to any Kirby stage, really.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Meta Knight's Revenge
  I'm not sure if Meta Knight is getting his own stage again, but I wanted to make sure I include this because... well because it's good, really.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Lava Landing
  Midst an already brilliant soundtrack, this song happens to be one of my personal favorites. The low key piano that eventually crescendo's into an all out piano assault on your fuzzy insides is very striking. It may not be the most apt for this stage, but it would look good on any sort of volcanic/lava-filled stages if we're in the mood to mix things up.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Mt. Slide
  My final selection of the night is another Epic Yarn track, a chilly little piece called "Mt. Slide." It evokes a wonderful sense of energy and a little danger, which fits perfectly with Smash Bros. It'd be great to mix this into an Ice Climbers style stage, too.

  And that's it for another day. Look forward to seeing more of my wild and crazy ideas, or just come back to listen to great music. Whatever brings you here, I welcome you!

-Make it a good one.

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