Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Smash Bros.: TNG - Day 5

The Feudal Warrior! A Link to the Past!

  Today I keep on keeping on with one of the Vet-est of the Veterans and one of Brawl's most requested characters.

The Veteran of Time - Link

  So Link is an interesting ones because I've got two directions I could take on him. The safe direction is to keep him roughly how he is. Grant him the art style of Skyward Sword, maybe outfit him with something more useful than the Boomerang, and call it good. Alternate costumes? I"m bouncing between a more traditional Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time skin, or his outfit from the start of the adventure with his super-adorable bed-head. Like I said; that's a fairly safe bet.

  The more extreme alternative is to let Toon/Kid Link take his place as the "Hero of Smash" entirely, and conform Link into Wolf Link.

  The obviously outrageous point here is that we are completely replacing a veteran as of the original Smash with, essentially, an entirely new character. His own move set, his own smash; everything changes. Certainly we could turn this into a Zero Suit Samus style Final Smash after effect, but I think a dedicated character is more... Appropriate. Now we could also just stack this on top of regular Link, making 3 Links (because I'm not giving up my Toon Link), and at that point what we have is a chain, not a roster. I would like to point out that one of the reasons I've developed this concept is because I've actually seen it shopped around a lot on "The Webs," and because Midna herself does not a good character make.

  What would Wolf Link do? Well aside from gnawing a person's face off, there could be a special where holding down the special button causes Midna's attack field to come up, and if somebody gets caught in it, he does a dash attack to them for minimal damage. There's also lots of opportunities for Midna's fist-hair to do some more conventional grabbing and attacks. A fine final-smash could involve Midna going ape-shit spider monster like she did towards the end of Twilight Princess, or summoning a bridge on top of somebody. Or would that be a bridge too far? I can never tell. Oh and for an alternate costume, I don't know, Toon Wolf Link and Midna? I think that'd look neat. Or we could be total jerks and just give them an Ookami make-over.

The Potential - Samurai Goroh

  Samurai Goroh was another one of those characters I saw people rooting for. It's true that F-Zero hasn't had any newcomers since the original Smash when Captain Falcon was unlocked, so I believe it's about time the stable gets another member; and Goroh is the perfect character for it. A lot of hearts were broken when he was revealed to be an Assist Trophy, which I thought weird because, hey, at least he made it into something, right? Here's to hoping that this time around, the big guy gets his chance to thrash about with heavy samurai dicing.

Classic Lylat Cruise

  Of all the Smash Bros. games, Star Fox is one of the few titles that has had a new incarnation. So without anything in the future to reach for, I have decided to reach far into the past. What I"m looking to do is re create the stage Lylat Cruise structurally and combine it with the original Star Fox visually. That means the same stage from a physical perspective, because honestly it was one of my favorite stages, but remixed to be all polygonal looking. Where in Lylat Cruise, we traveled all over the Lylat system, we could do the same here, travelling to all the different levels of Star Fox, and maybe a few surprises like Star Fox 2 (which never really launched despite being a finished product) or a SNES-ified new level. I have a cool sketch of this idea that I might be able to upload eventually.

The Music of Classic Lylat Cruise

StarFox - Corneria
  There was a neat remix of it in Brawl, but I propose leaving it alone this time. 

StarFox Assault - Corneria
  It's not just a fully orchestrated version of the original Corneria song, at least not in a way I recognize. So it fits the Corneria theme, but is also it's own awesome song. Win - win.

StarFox Assault - Sauria
  Here's my "meeting half-way" between a game I did not care for and a game I did. It's the music of Sauria, from StarFox Adventuers, but it's from StarFox Assault. I do like it's very adventurous tone, though, so I say it fits either way.

StarFox 64 3D - Venom
  So the only thing to come out from StarFox was a remake. Ehhh at least it had revamped music for me to take advantage of!

  And there you have it, my selections for today. Choice comments are welcome in the area below!

-Make it a Good One.

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